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Since his ordination in 1979, Rabbi Michael has been helping people learn Torah, go through life cycle celebrations and serve the needs of Jewish and Christian people throughout his life's journey.

Professional Background: 
Since ordination as a rabbi in 1979, Rabbi Michael Mayersohn has served as founding rabbi of Temple Shir Tikva of Wayland, MA and as spiritual leader of Temple Ne Tamid in Downey, CA. From 1990 through 2003 he served as the spiritual leader of Temple Beth David of Orange County. Since September of 2003, Rabbi Mayersohn has served as a consultant and taught several courses for the Orange County Bureau of Jewish Education. 

Rabbi Michael Mayersohn created the non-profit Alliance for Christian and Jewish Studies, which brings classes and presentations about the Jewish roots of Christianity and the Jewish context of Jesus' life and teachings to people of faith. He also teaches Bible classes, bringing the stories of the Hebrew Bible alive and enabling Christian students to understand Jewish interpretations and perspectives of the sacred text.

Rabbi Michael Mayersohn has been a leader in the Reform movement of Judaism in developing programs and policies welcoming intermarried couples and families into Jewish life. His synagogue won the Belin Outreach Award for the innovative Learners' High Holy Day Service for Intermarrieds. 

He also co-taught the Pastoral Counseling course for rabbinic students at the Reform movement's seminary and graduate school, the Hebrew Union College. 

Currently, Rabbi Mayersohn is serving as visiting Rabbi for Temple Beth Torah in Granada Hills, CA. while teaching classes throughout Southern California and Arizona.

In addition, his first book is currently being published. Watch for upcoming details on his book called, "Are We Sinners?"

Rabbi Michael with his wife Caryn and grandson Avi.
Rabbi Michael lives in West Orange County with his wife and two step-children. His daughter Rachel is grown and married and in 2009 became a proud Saba (grandfather) to beautiful baby Orly Sarah, 6lbs 14oz, 18 1/2" (picture above) living in Los Angeles. He has two schnoodles, Tucker and Scarlett, both of whom he walks morning and night. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio he is an avid Reds fan. Rabbi Michael and his wife Caryn love their garden, going green with freshly grown vegetables, taking family vacations and playing with their schnoodles.
Rabbi Michael and his wife Caryn
Rabbi Michael published his first book this year.  Between teaching religious classes, officiating at wedding ceremonies for Jewish & Interfaith couples, baby namings and much more, Rabbi Michael loves spending time with his family & friends.
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Pictured to the left is Rabbi Michael as a teenager with his father, Stan, while they were hiking up Mt Whitney in California in 1967. Rabbi Michael's father was a self-taught Jewish scholar who had a great interest in the Jewish philosopher, Baruch Spinoza. His father, Stan, founded the Tzedakah Fund which raises money to support small social service agencies in Israel. The Tzedakah Fund has survived Stan's death and still raises thousands of dollars every year for the poor of Israel. For more information about the Fund please contact Rabbi Michael Mayersohn.
Questions? Contact Rabbi Michael Mayersohn directly at 562-522-9152 or email by clicking below:
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Rabbi Michael Mayersohn
Rabbi Michael Mayersohn
Rabbi Michael's grandchildren, 
Avi and Orly